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Chairman's Message

"Seeking Knowledge is a duty of every Muslim, men or women - Al-Thrimidhi Hadith - 281"

From this Hadith it infer that education is not only right but the responsibility of every Muslim, male or female. It is in no way permissible fora Muslim women to simply fulfill her chores as a house-wife and remain completely ignorant of her religious ditties Aisha (ra), the youngest wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) can be an example in promoting education. She is a hallmark for female education in Islam. She had a great love for learning and was known for her personality, she was a leader in every field of knowledge, in society and politics Our prophet preached Islam, liberating women and girls in every walk of life, education being a prune aspect. Women are an integral part of the society. Without education and empowerment of the women, nation cannot develop and progress in a real way. Lack of women primary & secondary education institutions University and different campuses for female is another problem to empower women through education. Those who are practicing Muslims intend to give proper education to their daughter in such an environment where female can maintain their dignity as per Islamic shariah. Misbah knowledge foundation a registered charitable trust has been formed with a sole objective of empowering women through education both general and religious . Al hamdulillah we have started Misbah Women's Degree College in Arts, Commerce (BA, B.Com) and also Dawa/Shariyyath College for women at katipalla, Mangalore. We further wish to extend our activities and have proposed to set up transport & hostel facilities for the benefit of students from outside Mangalore.

An ambitious plan of setting up a pharma College and PUC (Science curriculum) is being envisaged. Separate land for this purpose has been identified adjacent to our college. Insha Allah we will try our best to achieve this goal. We therefore request all the philanthropists to join hands with us and help us to achieve our goal of providing general & education to our women for their empowerment.

With Regards,
B.M Mumtaz Ali

B.M Mumtaz Ali